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El título de éste photoblog viene de la canción World Citizen, de David Sylvian y Ryuichi Sakamoto, que va más o menos así:

What happened here?
The butterfly has lost its wings
The air’s too thick to breathe
And there’s something in the drinking water.

The sun comes up
The sun comes up and you’re alone
Your sense of purpose come undone
The traffic tails back to the maze on 101

And the news from the sky
Is looking better for today
In every single way
But not for you

World citizen
World citizen

It’s not safe
All the yellow birds are sleeping
Cos the air’s not fit for breathing
It’s not safe

Why can’t we be
Without beginning, without end?
Why can’t we be?

World citizen
World citizen

And if I stop
And talk with you awhile
I’m overwhelmed by the scale
Of everything you feel
The lonely inner state emergency

I want to feel
Until my heart can take no more
And there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t give

I want to break
The indifference of the days
I want a conscience that will keep me wide awake

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

I saw a face
It was a face I didn’t know
Her sadness told me everything about my own

Can’t let it be
When least expected there she is
Gone the time and space that separates us

And I’m not safe
I think I need a second skin
No, I’m not safe

World citizen
World citizen

I want to travel by night
Across the steppes and over seas
I want to understand the cost
Of everything that’s lost
I want to pronounce all their names correctly

World citizen
World citizen

I won’t be disappointed
I won’t be.

She doesn’t laugh
We’ve gone from comedy to commerce
And she doesn’t feel the ground she walks upon

I turn away
And I’m not sleeping well at night
And while I know this isn’t right
What can you do?

Sobre el Autor

Fotografías por Rodrigo Gómez Córdova, residente de éste mundo desde 1981, y viviendo actualmente en Barcelona, España.

Desde hace tiempo que tenía intenciones de crear un photoblog específico para las fotos que voy haciendo con el móvil, la mayoría con Instagram. Este es el resultado, que se irá actualizando continuamente y automáticamente con las fotos que publico en Instagram, y, posiblemente, también con fotos tomadas con el móvil, pero no con Instagram.

Espero que lo disfruten tanto como yo al tomar las fotos.

Pueden ver otros de mis trabajos fotográficos aquí:



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  1. Hi again Rodrigo, I have this proposal to make to you but I don’t find your e-mail address anymore in my stuff. Please contact me 🙂

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